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The Tech Savvy Experience was created to help the Non-Tech Savvy generation of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who want to become more tech savvy an Experienced with Computer Technology. Pick a Topic and experience the TSE.

Allow TSE to assist with Setting up your new smartphone, tablet, or smart devices in your home today. It can get a little confusing getting all your devices to synchronize together and work as intended. Allow us to pass on our TSE with all your smart devices. If you need help backing up photos to a new phone or storing them in cloud storage call TSE today and let us assist you today.

Allow TSE to help you connect your device safely and securely with our in home or office network configurations of all you wireless and Ethernet network devices. If your experiencing existing network issues TSE is up to the task of tracking them done to the source to keep you up and running and with proper security measures to make sure your personal information is safe from malicious eyes.

Whether you need a Email, Netflix, or Amazon account. Allow TSE to help you create your online account and show you how to use it. Allow TSE to instruct you on spam filters, and notifications so you never miss understand how your online account works for tech needs.

Do not let virus/ malware infections ruin your computer. Early intervention is crucial for preventing data loss. Allow TSE to intervene and stop these malicious programs from interfering with the use of your computer and keep you working productively set up an appointment with TSE at your home or office and let us solve your problems.

No one ever plans to lose their data. Do not lose precious family memories to a broken machine. TSE recommends whatever your precious photos, videos, and media you could not stand to lose be backed up onto physical hard drives or cloud storage to secure your data. We have the TSE to protect your data and even recover data in some cases. Take preventative actions and let us create a backup of your files and help you set up a routine to keep your data safe

Computers, tablets, and mobile devices run better with regular maintenance and updates. Let someone with Tech Savvy Experience give your machine a tune-up. Let us use our TSE to clean up some of that background junk you cannot see. Most free apps come with programs attached that are just not needed and slow down your computer consuming extra battery life and with every Tech Savvy Tune-up we’ll always update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in best condition possible.

Whether it be a cell phone application, online computer game, or productivity software to keep you moving; proper setup and configuration is key. The unique features of your software can come down to the processor, video card and RAM capabilities or your device. With our TSE at your disposal, your computer can expand and enhance the experiences of your favorite software, application or program. TSE will get you working the way it should.

Is your smartphone constantly buzzing, beeping or making noises you don’t understand? You do not have to life with a device that is constantly scheduled to do things that you do not understand. Allow TSE to intervene and assisting with removing these bothersome notifications. TSE will help uninstall unused apps and silence the unwanted noises and notifications that come with every app installed. Set up an appointment with TSE at your home or office and let us solve your notification problems

Cable TV is Dying!!! Soon all TV entertainment will be streamed over the internet. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Peacock will rule the land, but If you need help making the switch to Streaming call TSE Today. We will be you’re in person guide to streaming and its advantages. Allow our tech savvy experienced team to explain the pros and cons to streaming and will we help you set up to 2 app streaming accounts as part of the service.

With the Tech Savvy Experience, the first step to having fun with a new computer or tablet is properly setting up and make sure everything works right from the start. TSE will install all updates, set up any accounts necessary, and connect your computer to your internet and Wi-Fi. We will install any programs you like including security software, your favorite programs and of course Microsoft Office if required. It’s TSE’s mission to make sure that everyone has a Tech Savvy Experience.

If you need a new printer setup or if your existing printer is giving you a head ache. Let TSE take a look and troubleshoot your printer problems and get you printing in no time.

The operating system aka the OS is the backbone of your computer. The OS affects everything that goes on in your computer, installing a new one can become a head ache real quick and choosing TSE to help can make it go away real quick.

We have so many passwords to remember these days eventually one day you forget. Forgetting the password to your computer is a nightmare but a problem TSE can handle. If you find yourself locked out and don’t want to wipe your entire machine. Allow TSE to assist you in conquering your password roadblocks.