Tech Savvy Concierge

TSE Services right to your doorstep

With TSE Concierge services, you can have the tech savvy experience come to you. Let TSE do all the hard work for your and let your technology work for you

Tech Savvy Concierge

Call TSE Now to get custom IT concierge services straight to your home or office. We offer private computer lessons, computer repair, virus removal, data recovery and backup, and more! 

Technical Support Pricing

Life comes at you fast. When technology fails it can be a very stressful situation. Our tech support plans will give you the piece of mind with your devices.
Ask about our renewal pricing.

1 Year

$ 149
  • Access to our list of Tech Support services for up to 6 devices.

2 Year

$ 199
  • Save $20 on our 2 year plan for the complete support package.

3 Year

$ 299
  • Our best deal at just over $79 a year for a total savings of $50.

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