Tech Savvy Business Services

TSE is here to support businesses of all sizes from startups to established corporations. The Tech Savvy Experience is here to assist our business clients in meeting their professional I.T. goals without the corporate tech support price tag. Call Ty the I.T. Guy today and let us discuss your businesses’ I.T. dreams and aspirations. Let our TSE work for you!

Providing TSE to All Businesses

Over the past three years, we have been proud to share our TSE with the local Sacramento business community. We have built strong relationships and partnerships in the local community that allow TSE to expand your business and meet your technology goals. TSE is here to grow with your business. Collaborate with TSE today!

POS, Tablet, & Digital Menu Board Installation
Web Based Application Consultant
Commercial Server & Networking Services
Business Communication Configurations
Remote Tech Support Services

Tech Savvy Logo & Business Material Design

Every Business Starts with a Logo! A business logo should be your badge of honor to your business. Allow our TSE designers to help with this important step and start building your brand today. TSE offers the 1 stop- shop for all your Logo, Branding and Business Materials needed to expand your business. Count on TSE to help you from A to Z and save you $$$

Logo Design
Social Media Marketing Design
Business Card & Material Design
Vehicle Magnets & Decals
T-shirts and More!


Tech Savvy Cable Management

Everything is connected, and while technology will keep going wireless, there are still plenty of cables hanging around and looking untidy. With so many cables and cords connecting to so many different devices, it does not take long before you are being consumed in a web of tangled wires. Therefore, whetheryou are outfitting the home, office, or TSE will find a solution that fits your application.

Cable Raceway Installation
Office Cable Management
Server Networking Cable Management

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